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The YAATRAA-S is a low sensitivity near-field ADS-B receiver with internal antenna, USB output and micro-SD card storage. It is housed in a 2.5" harddisk storage case.

Soon it will be supplemented by an OLED display extension.

YAATRAA-S is fully compliant with in-flight on-board operation safety rules as it is a non-radiating passive RF device.

This page details technical data, installation and configuration of the hardware device and its associated firmware and software.

Yaatraa is Hindu and means travel.

General instructions

Hardware V0.1

Hardware V0.2


The YAATRAA-S firmware can be programmed through its USB connection. Plesae note that the device firmware also can be updated from the USB port and bad practices can seriously damage the device firmware. Leave a gap of at least 100 ms after any submitted character and do not try any commands that are not listed. Using the YAATRAA-S configuration tool is the safest way to configure your YAATRAA-S.

Firmware commands
Remember to switch on the YAATRAA-S to execute firmware commands via USB

Output sample
Enable YAATRAA-S data format
see below YAATRAA-S mode
Enable AVR compatible BCD data format
(or other data format according setting below)
Enable internal CRC check and discard faulty packets (AVR format)
(or other data format according setting below)
Disable internal CRC check (AVR format only)
(or other data format according setting below)
bbCEnable counter/timer function (AVR format only)
(or other data format)
bbcDisable counter/timer function (AVR format only)*8D3C66539015872DCBEEDC7AB686;<LF>
(or other data format)
bbTEnable UTC real time clock
(or other data format)
bbtEnable 50ns MLAT counter
@000003F1AB26A800113B20045071DB3CA03EAA12;<LF> (CRC off - This format is identical to Planeplotter Beast MLAT format, however timer resolution is 50 ns and can therefore not be used in the Planeplotter network for MLAT purposes - refrain from using this mode in the Planeplotter network!)

(CRC on)

bbdYYMMDDhhmmssSet UTC date/time

bb9Reboot device


;bluebox4313 5.1 Nov 06 2011 13:21:30<LF>
Comment - ignore firmware version
Comment - current firmware state
;28/07/2012<LF>Comment - current date (UTC)
;#145604<LF>Comment - current time (UTC)
8Dx58B983DCDDE86C...<LF>Compressed data packet:
x - replaces last valid Mode-S id
. - replaces 00
_145605:<LF>Actual UTC time and current mode
* - no CRC
: - CRC on
;x3C5654<LF>Last valid Mode-S id

Planeplotter compatible AVR mode (no MLAT) (sxct)
The device baudrate is fixed at 115200 Bd.


Offline flight path viewer and configuration tool
Download the yaatraas.exe file and store and execute in a new folder somewhere.
This software requires a file AP1.png in the "icons" sub-folder. After first execution of yaatraas.exe this folder is available.
Requires FTDI VCP driver installed and Google Earth

Ad-hoc viewer

OLED Display extension coming soon

(Data on this picture are fake)

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