The Droid-S for Android viewer will be superseded by a new version shortly.

Droid-S for Android
Radar viewer

Droid-S is a radar viewer for SBS-1, Radarbox and Planeplotter (and all other applications that provide a TCP server at port 30003).

It displays radar map like data on any Android smartphone OS2.1 or higher.

Droid-S requires an advanced HTTP server to grab data. Such server is SRV30003 that can be downloaded here:

This server software will be connected to TCP port 30003 of your radar application (Basestation, ANRB, Planeplotter). It generates a flight table from the data it receives and transmits this flight table on port 30080 on HTTP request.

A more detailed description of SRV30003 functionality can be found here:,2082.msg15347.html#msg15347

More developers information on Droid-S is here

Open items:
- Profiles
- Find
- About
- Box height in Weather and Table
- Box sizes in Weather and Table
- complete Config items
- Bluetooth client

Known issues:
- Flight data box cannot close with OS2.3
- Center mark missing
- Upper case with WX locator required
- reset double click logic after flight data box
- GPS will not open, only GSM position available

Future functions:

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