Globe-S mini
Radar viewer and Tools
Updated: V0.8.0 - 29 JUL 12

The Globe-S mini radar viewer will be available for use with devices with AVR data formatted output and the Planegadgetradar (PGR).
(For a list of current data formats see the "mA device library" page).

The application is currently in Beta state.
First download the complete Globe-S MINI original package from
Then there is an update to the latest version of the executable file "globesmini.exe" here.
Attention: the current version needs RTS enabled when used with the Beast.
Just overwrite the executable with the latest version.

After download be sure to read README.TXT or the status notes below.

There is a similar non-public application that you may want to test.

The Droid-S radar viewer is designed for mobile use on Android smartphones (from OS V2.1).
It connects to Globe-S mini through a http port via WLAN or GSM/3G etc.
Please watch the development utilzing the link on the left navigation bar.

Other tools:

To help with multiple clients on one Beast USB port you may want to use this port splitter (works up to 115200 Bd only):

To help with multiple UDP clients as Planeplotter and Globe-S on one Beast USB port you may want to use this port splitter (works up to 3000000 Bd):
Attention: RTS must be enabled on the Beast
(Does not support hot-plugging USB)

To help with comparing Mode-S rx installations side-by-side the tool Mode-S compare tool can be used:
(Does not support hot-plugging USB)

Current status
Globe-S mini:

Globe-S mini edition - Beast compatible
All rights reserved (c) 2012

Current version: V0.7.1

This is a beta version with known issues

Please do not pass it to any third party but strictly keep it to yourself
By opening the executable you agree to these terms.

This software is capable of displaying Beast compatible data traffic via COM ports or UDP port 7933.
Format supported:
* <data> ; (no CRC performed)
: <data> ; (CRC performed)
@ <timestamp><data>; (no CRC performed)
Binary data

No direct connection to SBS-1 or Radarbox is possible.
PGR data can be displayed


When you have hidden the control bar you get it back wit SPACE
When you have minimized the application there will be an icon on the system tray
To move captionless windows position the mouse at the outer extreme of a window until the cursor changes to an arrow/sheet


The application opens some TCP and UDP ports as 7979, 7978, 7933, 4180, 4181 and 30014 and maybe others. As a beta tester you need to trust that there is no backdoor. Running the application in a virtual machine may not be possible as it needs the OpenGL graphics environment which may not be available there. If you decline to accept opening the ports for the application it should still work with the exception of UDP data reception, network function, google views.


- Create a folder somewhere on your PC and unpack the zipped folder to that place. Do not use Vista or Win7 protected folders.

- You can add bst compatible out or wpt files to the map folder or any other folder that is not created by Globe-S itself

- You can add a Basestation.SQB file to the root folder of the installation. This file will be used to display aircraft types and registrations

- Execute globesmini.exe. Thats all


There is no manual available currently. Some similarity is retained to the Globe-S Airfield Edition, which manual can be found here:


The executable you have received is freshly taken from the developers desktop. It may contain window position or size settings that do not fit to your screen or installation. Try CTRL-ALT-F to reset the window position. In case you are lost then delete or rename the globes.ini file and start from scratch.


V0.8.0 (07-29-12)
Connection and decoding enabled for microADSB and Yaatraa-S
microADSB high threshold (250mV) option added
Port 30014 (30003) data format amended
Alt+Left mouse click on flight reloads route data
misc. changes

V0.7.1 (01-27-12)
Decoder updated
Bug fixes
TCP port 30014 (30003) extended formats added
SSR support (non-public version)
misc. changes

V0.4.0 (10-03-11)
Decoder made more robust against halt at high traffic rate

V0.3.0 (07-31-11)
Decoder completely rewritten
RTS can be selected in Config dialog
More buffers increased
Known issues see below

V0.2.0 (07-24-11)
Reception problems because of shortened packets resolved
RTS enabled
Input buffer increased to 128k

V0.1.5 (07-03-11)
PGR streaming enabled, new PGR button
3 MBit/s added
USB enumeration deleted to avoid hangup under Vista and W7
TCAS data error amended
Additional AVR data formats added and reorganized

V0.1.4 (06-29-11)
UDP port 7933 enabled;
code in u2 and tcppl updated;
data formats per new spec; @ data format recognized



Please report all issues to


- Timestamp in raw logfile missing
- CPR mode deactivated (to resolve Western longitude problem)
- no full help available
- "N" button for aircraft list not working
- aircraft list does not stay topmost


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